Tri-City Roller Derby Welcomes Stratford Junior Roller Derby

After making the change from Tri-City Roller Girls to Tri-City Roller Derby last year, Tri-City Roller Derby is ready to announce its first expansion: Tri-City Junior Roller Derby is now part of the TCRD family!   After celebrating its second year as Stratford Junior Roller Derby, based out of Stratford, Ontario, this junior league has been “adopted” by TCRD. TCJRD_LOGO

“We’ve done as much as we could on our own as Stratford Junior Roller Derby”, an announcement on their Facebook page states. “We will now be Tri-City Junior Roller Derby!”

Although now adopted and under a new name, no significant changes to current practices, schedules, structure or fees will be made in 2015. However, additional practices will be available in Kitchener-Waterloo for those youths who live in the area, or any Stratford skaters interested in extra practices each week.

The support of TCRD will provide more training opportunities to the junior league including more guest coaching, as well as more opportunities to play publicly.

Interest in the sport of roller derby and the growth of the junior program has been remarkable, and both leagues are looking forward to the future of the junior program.

Junior roller derby is available to youths aged 9-17 years old. If you are interested in learning more about junior roller derby, please contact

General inquiries can be directed to

Tri-City Roller Derby and Tri-City Junior Roller Derby can also be found on Facebook.

Update: Tri-City Thunder takes on Division 1

Early into the 2014 playing season, we began to see our All Star team Tri-City Thunder climb its way up the WFTDA charts, to perch up-top at number 40 internationally. This meant Thunder was travelling to Division 1 Playoffs hosted by Wasatch Roller Derby in Salt Lake City,  Utah from September 26-28, 2014!

But to be frank, there has been no lack of excitement for the league. After hosting our first ever WFTDA Playoffs,  right here in the Waterloo Region from August 22-24, 2014 before Thunder geared up for their exciting trip to Salt Lake City to compete in the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in late Septemeber, there was nothing we couldn’t do. What better way to prepare than watch ten amazing teams battle for WFTDA Division 2 supremacy our neighbourhood? What an amazing time!

Thunder played an amazing tournament proving to themselves,  WFTDA,  and the world,  that Tri-City Roller Derby belongs in Division 1. Tri-City Thunder fought hard winning an amazing final game against The Oklahoma Victory Dolls All Stars, and coming out #9.

At Tri-City Roller Derby  we are incredibly proud of our superstars. We are pretty sure that WFTDA and the world was ‘Thunder-struck’ at the Division 1 Playoffs in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014. We look forward to seeing Tri-City Thunder 2015 hit the track in Division 1 next year, as we are currently resting at #38 internationally! A big, warm TCRD thanks to Wasatch Roller Derby for hosting such a great event.

Tri-City Roller Derby D1 Playoffs Salt Lake City 2014-We Belong
Tri-City Roller Derby D1 Playoffs Salt Lake City 2014-We Belong

We made it. We belong. We’re not going anywhere.

For more information about the 2014 WFTDA Division 1 playoffs in Salt Lake City, click here.

See photos of Tri-City Thunder at D1 in Salt Lake City 2014. Photos courtesy of Joe Mac.

WFTDA D2 Playoffs Waterloo Region: General Recap of Awesomeness

In the months approaching the Division 2 Playoffs, hosted by Tri-City Roller Derby, there was much excitement as the entire league and world watched the WFTDA teams fight for their rankings, which would  ultimately determine their division in the WFTDA 2014 playoff tournaments.

At Tri-City Roller Derby we were amazed to see Tri-City Thunder up-top at number 40, internationally.  Thus making Tri-City Thunder officially a Division 1 team. Baffled, as you can imagine, to not be competing in the exciting Division 2 playoffs that the league would be hosting from August 22-24, 2014, we proceeded to organize, what we would like to think,  is the most amazing event that Tri-City Roller Derby has ever had the honor of hosting…ever.

We all had so much fun that we decided that we should really just always be hosting tournaments!   But enough about us… We hosted team, listen in order of tournament ranking:

1st Rideau Valley Roller Girls

2nd  Bear City Roller Derby

3rd Killamazoo Derby Darlins

4th Gold Coast Derby Grrls

5th Queen City Roller Girls

6th DC Roller Girls

 7th Chicago Outfit Roller Girls

8th Demolition City Roller Derby

9th Boulder County Bombers

10th Grand Raggidy Roller Derby

Huge Congratulations to our fellow Canadians The Rideau Valley Roller Girls! We also want to thank the WFTDA for giving us the opportunity to host such an amazing event!  A round of applause is deserved to all of the amazing teams that came to battle it out for Division 2 supremacy on Canadian soil. We wish you all the best. WFTD-EH?

You can check more of the post D2 Waterloo Region details here at

Poster for KW D2 in August
“Where the word ‘can’t’ becomes non-existent.”


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